Jungle Drive-In: Parkersburg, West Virginia

No matter how modified my cup holders become; no matter how cushiony and reclined my chair will evolve to be, I maintain this one movie theater sentiment: they’ll never be as cool as drive-in theaters. Unlike so many of my peers, I am not praising the drive-in solely for its retro embodiment of rebellion. No, no, NO. Drive-ins are simply better. You watch your movie in the privacy of your own car, you can munch on burgers and fries, hell, you can talk about the movie without getting hissed at by the people behind you. The sad thing? Well, they’re a lot harder to come by these days. However, a certain drive-in theater in West Virginia saves my high school memories and is still open and running today for those passing through Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Tucked away through some forestry off of back roads, Jungle Drive-In could be in no better place. The dirt roads lead you through the entrance and you park yourself where ever you deem fit. Kick up your feet. Smoke. Drink. Munch on your own food. Make out with your lover. No matter how you do it; just make sure you do it. Parkersburg’s youth tend to be bored and noisy at theaters. Which is fine. BUT, trust me on this one, your time will be better spent at Jungle Drive-In.

By: Elizabeth Seward



One thought on “Jungle Drive-In: Parkersburg, West Virginia

  1. I grew up and still live in Parkersburg. When I was a kid, there were 3 drive-ins. Now, there is only 1 – the Jungle. Some of my most favorite memories of childhood were with my family at the drive-in. I thank God that I can share that part of my childhood with my kids and their friends as we frequent the Jungle several times every summer!!!!

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