Welcome to THE JINX: Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, like many southern cities, drowns itself in charm. Time stands still in Savannah. The crisp air flows between your fingers as they grasp a plastic cup tightly-one filled with the alcoholic beverage of your choice-as you stroll down the wide streets. Ancient trees nearly collapse overhead; bent with time-oh, the stories they could tell. The slow draw of southern accents encompasses each and every conversation in which you partake. Savannah is a flirtatious city. It flaunts its beauty on every corner all while whispering to you dirty secrets…dirty rock ‘n’ roll secrets.

While Georgia is well known for its marriage to the Bible and all other conservative mascots of the sort, certain parts of Savannah give Las Vegas and New York City both a run for their money in the games of sinful indulgences.

Welcome to The Jinx.

Walking into The Jinx is all too similar to a weary entrance into a Haunted House. Grandeur murals of bats and skeletons adorn the walls, all appropriately placed there by a local tattoo artist. Appropriate why? Well, because THIS is your playground for debauchery. Savannah’s freaks, geeks, and too cool to even be cool tattooed heroes of the local underground call this place their nesting ground. And so do I when I’m in Savannah.

A giant stage centers the room and fastens itself down with standards so high that few a rock club stage anywhere else on this planet could argue with. The woman who owns this club knows good music and books nothing else. Downtime between musical acts, dance parties, and jello wrestling is filled with PBRs (tall boys) and impressive rock bands on the speakers who you’ve likely never heard of. Luckily for you, the bartenders are always happy to enlighten you. The pornographic bar video games compete with the flickering of disturbing classic films on the huge projection screen behind the bar.

Anything goes at The Jinx, and that includes the conservative demeanor that may have previously accompanied you while in the south. Drink up. Study the artwork displayed for you on the walls. Talk to the locals-they’ll win you over instantaneously. Then take your drink out on the streets in that plastic cup and breathe in the thick air while concentrating on how exactly you’ll file this town away in your memory bank.

By: Elizabeth Seward


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