LÖyly in Southeast Portland

There are many reasons why Portland is one of the most Euro-styled cities in America.  It’s an incredible town to live in and a wonderful place to visit.  When in town, there are a handful of lovely spas to visit to melt away your stress, to find inner peace and to promote health and wellness.  I just discovered LÖyly in Southeast Portland on 21st and Clinton.  LÖyly is the Finnish word for the steam that emerges when water is poured over hot sauna rocks.  It is also the word used to describe the meditative experience of cleansing and wellness that comes from an invigorating sauna session.

LÖyly, the sauna facility in Portland, was inspired by the sauna culture of Scandinavia.  Arriving at LÖyly is a pleasant experience – the building is a modern wooded, sustainable structure with a handful of other shops and services alongside.  Once you enter the doors, you feel immediate relaxation from the beautiful, minimalist decor.  There are different options available to experience LÖyly, including a general entry to the sauna, where you get a robe, sandals, towels and a three hour time limit to experience the sauna and steam room, all for just $20. 

There are other a la carte add ons you can include to enhance your spa experience.  You can also make a reservation for a massage (30 min, 60 min or 90 min), or a package, with options for clay masks and salt scrubs by Dr. Hauschka holistic, organic skin care products.  And the prices are extremely reasonable.  The LÖyly experience is truly something special in Portland.  I suppose reaching your LÖyly is like reaching dharma.  Visit www.loyly.net

By: Leah Jorgensen


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