Alps Boulder Canyon Inn

Nestled a few miles above Boulder, Colorado on Boulder Canyon Drive rests the most amazing, quintessentially perfect inn I have ever stayed. The inn was built before Colorado became a state and under different ownership served as a multitude of stage and resting stops for those traveling to and from nearby mines.

In 1905, it became the Alps Hotel and Resort and served as a luxurious restaurant and inn to those traveling the “World Famous Switzerland Trail Railroad,” once thought to be the “most beautiful in the world” (

Not only is the surrounding scenery breathtaking, but the inn itself is filled with many delightful and quirky surprises to appeal to and enhance your satisfaction (and most likely out-do your expectations as well). Upon check-in, the huge wood-burning fireplace in the center of the lobby, crackled and gave the lodge a cozy, mountain scent, reminiscent to that of a campfire. And we happened to arrive during their complimentary dessert hour, which is always filled with homemade baked goods and fresh, assorted teas. The inn is filled with antique furniture and old photos outlining its history.

We stayed in the Magnolia room which couldn’t have been more perfect. Classical chamber music played in the background and our traditional fireplace in our room had been lit before our arrival (upon my request), a huge garden tub for two was aside the fireplace in the main part of the room, overlooking double windows staring into Boulder Canyon. Our private balcony was introduced by stained-glass French doors and the bed was absolutely heavenly dressed with a down comforter in a cozy, white duvet and Egyptian cotton sheets.

Complimentary, homemade breakfast was served aside a wood-burning fireplace, surrounded by huge glass windows and double doors to a snowy patio. Both mornings, breakfast was incredible, as the innkeeper gets up each morning to prepare two options for the guests- all of which was interesting and delicious. The first morning we had French toast that had the consistency of banana bread and was perfect, along with fresh fruit. The second morning we had a Southwestern quiche topped with salsa and fresh fruit. And both mornings we were served homemade pastries with citrus butter.

The small sitting areas scattered throughout the inn were charming and warm, all with a wood-burning fireplace and a house dog sporadically making an appearance. The smell of pine and fire was otherworldly and the distressed leather couches and chairs were perfect to nuzzle up on and snuggle in the cool, Colorado mornings and nights.

With easy access to hiking trails, Boulder Falls, the Peak to Peak Highway, and other small towns- such as Nederland, Colorado, the Alps Boulder Canyon Inn could not have been more pleasing. It didn’t have the “lodge-feel” that one would expect at a luxurious Colorado resort, rather a century-old, quaint treasure, truly preserving the essence of its original era and I would recommend this establishment to anyone looking for an uncommon escape filled with uncommon, quirky details and surprises.

By: Ashley Halligan

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