The Anti Tourist is a collective travel journal with many contributors from all over the world. Here are just a few:

Elizabeth Seward, Founder and Editor-in-Chief. I have devoted my life to writing and music. As a traveling musician, I started to notice that some of the most spectacular places to see in various cities are NOT your typical tourist spot. I had the idea for The Anti Tourist after I became a full-time freelance writer. I launched the site so that I, as well as others, could share travel experiences with everyone else. I mostly spend my time on music (I’ve been releasing a new song every Monday of 2010 here:, yoga, poetry (I publish my poetry here:, art, cooking/baking/eating/beer/wine, the outdoors, irony, adrenaline, old things–especially records, reading, dancing, exploring NYC, and, of course, seeking out new places to see and experience.

Ben Britz, Assistant Editor/Writer. I grew up where most people don’t, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on the shores of Lake Superior. It was an amazing place to grow up, a million miles from anywhere, with some of the most striking vistas and a surprisingly happening music scene. While it gave me a lifelong appreciation for nature and music, the isolation gave me the itchiest foot and the most delirious cabin-fever, and as soon as I was 18 I jetted out, moved to Germany and from there, traveled all over Europe with just a backpack. I haven’t stopped traveling since, and I quickly realized that my methods—sleeping in bus stations or under the stars, finding little-known rural locales, and taking advice from only the most wild-eyed individuals—introduced me to so many beautiful places and people and experiences you can only have when you stray that far from the beaten path. Returning to the States after a year in Europe, I went to University of Michigan to earn a quick BA in Comparative Literature, making sure to take the summers to satisfy my wanderlust. I now call Brooklyn my temporary home, escaping whenever and to wherever possible, making music, writing, and dreaming of everywhere I want to go.

Ashley Halligan, Assistant Editor/Writer. I am a 2007 graduate of Marietta College with a BA in Journalism. Having been raised in a small town, I’ve always had a passion for exploration and discovery and (escape), though I’ve always had an appreciation for small town charm and a curiosity for life in the big city, having experienced the essences of both worlds. I spent the summer of 2006 living in NYC while partaking in an internship with Animal Fair Magazine- (the internship was hell; the overall experience was life-changing). After returning to my abode thereafter, I trekked cross-country from Marietta, Ohio to Tahoe City, Cali with my best friend and ever since have had an unquenchable thirst for every experience imaginable. I believe in seeking authenticity in everyday experiences, extracting the underlying aesthetic in even the most mundane of life challenges, and genuinely savoring every flavor, spice, and garnish this sweet life deals us. I have unconquerable dreams. I believe in homemade soup, wearing sundresses in the winter, seeking inspiration from gran-daddy dandelions, tapas, spilling red wine on a white blouse, dancing roadside in irresistible patches of messy wildflowers, and always being a contemporary pilgrim. I brake for birds and probably have more idiosyncratic underpinnings than most. I’ve recently relocated to Austin, Texas and am also in the process of beginning a private travel consulting/ trip planning service called Contemporary Pilgrim. Please feel free to contact me at for any questions regarding articles or trip planning services. Salute!

Eric Rumble, Writer. Eric Rumble doesn’t really enjoy being a journalist, but hasn’t really figured out anything else that he’s capable of being paid a livable wage for—yet! (If only there were money in synapse demolition.) He is a contributing editor and roaming writer for up! Magazine, WestJet Airlines’ in-flight publication, and his stories have been featured in Saturday Night magazine, the National Post, Adbusters, Swerve, Avenue, CityBites, Wine Access and THIS Magazine. His writing has delved into all sorts of disparate ideas, from community supported agriculture to wild boar hunting to vintage clothing to euthanasia. He’s also interviewed a handful of kick-ass musicians, including Alice Cooper, Andrew Bird, Emily Haines, Kevin Drew and The Weakerthans. Currently, his work is focused on North American travel and sustainability issues.

Megan Longfellow, Writer. Growing up in Southeastern Ohio, moving around and traveling often I have experienced country life, city life and everything in between. It is to this upbringing that I attribute my hobbies, passions and most importantly observational skills. I have a BA in Communication Studies and Spanish and a MS in Education/ Counseling. Since finishing graduate school I did what I always do and have decided on yet another career path –it simply remains to be seen what that might be. I have a great passion for nature and currently belong to an organization that participates in extreme outdoor adventuring and social networking. I have a wide range of hobbies that include traveling anywhere I can afford to go; photographing daily life; learning about science, politics and the environment; creating and criticizing art; learning languages; hiking; studying animal behavior and comparative psychology (probably my next degree); vegetarian eats; and philosophizing and daydreaming on a daily basis.

Ben Majoy,Writer. My first captivation with film scores came when I watched Jurassic Park for the first time. Hearing the magnitude of the brass and strings sections of one of the most captivating philharmonic symphonies in the world compete for the stage in a heavy handed series of tremolos and ascending octaves was simply dwarfing compared to the sight of animated dinosaurs patrolling a soundstage. Every night, I would close my eyes, unable to sleep, in anticipation for the day when I could finally stand on stage in a perfectly tailored tuxedo, as the commander of my own army of musicians. Then, finally, after years of practicing cues in front of the mirror to a tape cassette of Star Wars and Lawrence of Arabia, I was elected to be the next apprentice conductor to my own city’s philharmonic orchestra.

But I got bored, so I started a website called and decided to write instead.

Kevin Paskawych, Writer. On a cold, snowy, New York night in 1982 there came into this world a small baby boy…. since then we have all contemplated why his parents kept him. Upon graduating from Marietta College in 2006 with degrees in all the “useless” fields, this now young man has set off on a series of adventures ranging from the mild to the wild, and he enjoys snapping the photos to prove it. Kevin has walked across the state of West Virginia, taken several interesting kayak and canoe trips, as well as many, many hiking/backpacking trips in his time. Travels farther afoot have taken him to destinations ranging from the greenery of the British Isles to the American deserts, and literally everywhere in between. When not trying to figure out what would be fun to do next, Kevin enjoys polishing his billiards and Dart skills, so when he walks into that next interesting pub he won’t look quite so flatfooted and dumb (Not an easy task if you’ve ever seen him).

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6 thoughts on “SOME OF OUR WRITERS

  1. Elizabeth, Ashley and Megan: I stumbled upon your site and was thrilled to see familiar faces! It mind sound dumb, but I’m relieved that you three have done such great things since school, it makes me proud. I look forward to Elizabeth’s performance this summer. Take care! Ashley Casto

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