When in Portland, Brunch.

Portlanders like their local food, coffee, tea, wine and spirits…it’s a foodie’s town.  What’s more, Portland is the town of brunchers.  I remember watching a hilarious episode of television’s sitcom How I Met Your Mother, and after a break-up, two of the male characters lament missing brunch since their ex girlfriends were out of the picture.  There’s this whole storyline about single men wanting to go to brunch but that it wasn’t socially acceptable for them to go with their men friends.  Well, that isn’t an issue in Portland.  Everyone brunches.  One of my favorite spots is Blue Hour in the Pearl District with its lovely Bellinis, spicy Bloody Marys, delicate Moscatos and amazing French Press coffee (made with Stumptown coffee’s Zefiro blend served with steamed milk) – Stumptown is the best java in town.  The food is delicious and the crowd is quite chic.  My friends and I have formed a Sex & The City version of our Sunday brunch at Blue Hour – we meet, we eat and we talk about men.  Try the savory Dungeness crab or French-truffle omelettes or the Eggs Sardou, which is just like Eggs Benedict but on top of artichoke hearts instead of English muffins.  Other notable brunch venues include Beast, Mother’s Bistro and Simpatica Dining Hall.  Blue Hour/250 NW 13th Ave. at Everett Street/www.bluehouronline.com.(photo from: mydinnertable.com)

By: Leah Jorgensen


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