Dudleytown: A Connecticut Ghost Town

When I think of a ghost town, I think of a an old western movie. I think of an eerie front street with dilapidated buildings and dust circling in the wind. This town that I think of would be off of some desolate highway, I suppose. The kind of town you leave as quickly as you enter. But I had never been to a real ghost town before until last weekend. This imagery that I had was birthed from media. My little trip to Dudleytown, Connecticut painted an entirely new scene for me of what a ghost town looks like.

By 1900, Dudleytown had totally evacuated itself. A curse had been placed on the Dudley family who founded the town after their migration from England. Curse related or not; the families in the town started to die. Their deaths were all mysterious and eventually the town could no longer survive. The dark forest of the mountains has been growing over the remains of the town for the last century. A private company owns the land, so going there is technically illegal since it is trespassing. This, as you can imagine, has added much mystery to the town and it has also kept it off limits enough so that it can continue to wildly cover itself.

I crossed my fingers that Dudleytown would be worth the $75 fine in the case of being ticketed or arrested for trespassing. Luckily, I escaped from the experience with out any legal ramifications. The paths that lead to the once center of Dudleytown are more like large slates of rock, placed conveniently together. I didn’t see a ghost or feel evil spirits. However, I’m eternally open to possibilities and it doesn’t surprise me that so many people have pinned this place as one that is haunted. It IS, in fact, eerily quiet once you’ve made your way down the paths. I’d die of a nervous break down were I to ever find myself in this place at night.

The tricky part of Dudleytown is literally finding it. But if you follow THIS map, you should be fine. It’s not an incredibly exciting place, but it is creepy. And who knows how real all of the warnings of overactive police in the area really are. I didn’t even see one cop car there during my adventure. If you’re looking for an interesting place to visit in Connecticut-I would recommend exploring Dudleytown. There are over 700 acres of it, which, to be frank, is a lot of room for ghosts to hang out.

32 thoughts on “Dudleytown: A Connecticut Ghost Town

  1. Some places you just leave alone thats it nothing more to it. So you made it through Dudleytown …tainted and cused the soil is sour
    so many unexplained deaths..and I pray not one of you unexplexibley goes insane for no good reason.
    As a life long resident of CT STAY AWAY

  2. There are alot of people that are actually interested in the history of this site. Its too bad the town hicks feel the need to pull shot guns out on people. Last time I checked its Connecticut not the deep south.

    1. Yes, she is indeed… But Being someone that was in Dudleytown within the last 3 hours, I think you should really focus on the point… I know the area is off limits, but I think like any area rich with history, it should be studied thoroughly. Not only in a “paranormal” aspect. But a natural aspect as well. But I will admit, it is quite eerie out there…Plus I took some unexplainable pics!!!!

  3. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language ๐Ÿ˜‰
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  4. So did you go on a weekday? I would suspect the weekend to have more police activity just wondering so I have an idea when I am thinking about trespassing into dudleytown(Did i say that) ive been a resident of ct forever and always has been an interest to see it myself

  5. Would you please stop advertising this? Dudley Town if off limits…well because of us. I backpack frequently on the trails in this part of Connecticut and I can assure you that most, if not all of it appears haunted. If you want the experience without the risk of getting arrested, just spend a few nights sleeping in the open on one of the several trails in the area.

  6. Been there late fall . Greepie you don’t feel hear or see any thing once you enter. All you see are a few foundation’s . I went 20 year’s ago went with friend’s . You don’t even feel the wind on your face cause there is none . brought back acorn’s little pine cone’s in a Grown Royal sack . Nothing evil ever happen’ed hope to go up there again if they reopen to the public .

  7. now, I’m only 14 but I have an odd interest in the paranormal…and I feel this need to go to Dudleytown….I know the story and everything. if anyone has been… please tell me what it is like. I gotta go soon ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It is awesome! Very dark, and quiet…Like death. In fact, the only sound I heard after the rain stopped, was a screeching off in the distance on the way out. My cousin heard the same sound, and I also took some rather interesting snapshots…

  8. whoever is planning on going to dudley town dont i was there many years ago with my camping post and we saw and heard things and we all left in the middle of the night. STAY AWAY!!!

  9. Ive been there about 4 or so times. it seems to keep calling you back.
    the only weird thing is the noise factor, none.
    except the boom noise for those who have gone….
    the sound kinda like a dumpster on gravel.

  10. OHHH I wanna go sooo bad….I KNOW a guy who went there, got a pebble stuck in his shoe…and died in a car crash on the way home….c’mon did anybody read the history of this place? I’m going at midnight next Halloween….gonna be very sneaky!!

  11. Hello All of you Dudley lovers!
    I was interested in this story many years ago. Did a nice trip up there multiple times. I did between 6-8 hours of investigation time. We ran 3 to 5 digital recorders for EVPs, 3 night vision camcorders, an emf detector, and infrared thermal. Unfortunately after doing this 3 or 4 times, we were never got a response from the paranormal world. Beautiful scenery but for those who are interested, I wish you luck and to be aware of the residence near by. Ever since the fires of Dudley they have been scared and angry at all of those who are interested in this hot spot.

  12. hello to all ..i have a small story to tell me and my boy firend at the time now my feancee have always been intrested in the paranormal and sence dudly town is so close we figuered why not not out of the ordinary happened exept for that felling you get like your being watched and on the whole hike up we could hear the birds and bugs the wind every thing but one we came upone nothing at all the air felt different kinda thick you could not here any thing not even the wind i cant wait to go back

  13. just kidding above- but- if you do go bring salt for a salt circle sage and matches to light the sage- evil spirits dont like sage- white candles would be good too and a black tourmaline gem stone is a must – that stuff keeps the evil entities away or so i’ve learned first hand- no kidding

  14. hey dudley lovers, i went to the town last year with friends, we hiked to the center of the woods and we knew we were in the town when we heard nothing and the air was not able to be breathed in. we tried to camp out, but later that night around 12:30-1 o’clock we heard a lady screaming at us she was a very pale old woman with a shot gun standing about 20 feet from us, she repeated cursing words and warned us to leave. she turned and walked away into the woods and vanished in deep fog, we were not sure what we saw but we felt it was not human.

  15. Please tell me there is a better copy of the first picture somewhere because on the left hand side about three inches from the top I believe I see a face but with the horrid quality of the picture its very hard to tell

  16. This map is incorrect the exact coord are 41.802815,-73.361025 the entrance is at the top of bald mountain road, not dark entry road. I assume the confusion is due to the fact that the property is owned by the dark entry association. please keep in mind, you can be arrested and or fined for going there, it is considered trespassing.

  17. I think Ghost Adventures crew should put it to rest…or verify it. If they find nothing than it becomes nothing more than a Halloween dare. However if it is real, then it would be interesting to know if the curse caused the deaths or some other phenom. With new technology, we can peer into mystery or debunk it or explain it away. my friend is from there and has photos. Connecticut that is.

  18. Of course you didn’t see any ghosts, at night is when dudleytown is most active i’ve heard stories from my friends that have gone to it and alot of them tell me tales of seeing weird things in the town like shadows moving about, and i also heard that you can hear footsteps if you stand in the center of the town…. but i have been to the undercliff insane asylum i went late lastnight and stayed 2 hours and lets just say i probably won’t be returning there i kept hearing children laughing and crying… but the creepiest thing i saw while i was climbing up on a ledge to jump into the building was when i looked to my left i saw a white gown from what appeared to be a hospital gown move around the corner… yes i know it couldve been anything thats what i thought at first til i looked around because the window was secured like much of the place is nowadays but when i look back at the windows on the top floor i saw another gown and what appeared to be a shadowy figure looking down at me from the window and all of a sudden the air around me got very very cold and i left after that but the moment i got back to my college which is 20 minutes away and got out of my car it was actually rather warm outside which didnt make sense to the cold feeling i felt at the asylum.

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