Steinway Street-Astoria, Queens

Sure. Astoria, Queens is a little hike from Manhattan. Sure. Astoria may not be overflowing with celebrities. But if you’re looking for an authentic place to wine, dine, and shop without all of the Manhattan hype, Steinway Street is where you want to be. Take the R/V/G trains to Steinway and exit there. A giant Salvation Army will welcome you at this end of the street. Being somewhat of a thrift store connoisseur, I leave my stamp of approval for this particular store. Not only is it MASSIVE, but there are colored tags chosen each day that are 50% off. And on Wednesdays…the whole store is 50% off. If you’re looking for cool vintage clothes or maybe just a way to bulk up your vinyl collection-go here. It’s like a Heaven for Hipsters-but without all the hipsters.

As you travel down Steinway street (the avenues will be decreasing in number), you’ll notice something: there are a shitload of stores, restaurants, and bars. If you’re a female-brace yourself. You can buy an entire outfit for under $10 between Pretty Girl, Easy Pickins, and Cool Jeans. Also note that the Claire’s on this street ALWAYS has a mega sale in the back of the store. Often times you can get 15 items for $10-or something of the sort. As you continue down the street, you’ll begin to enter Middle Eastern territory past 30th ave. And once you’re past 28th avenue, you’re in Little Egypt.

While not all of Steinway grabs from foreign culture; you’ll likely feel stunningly comfortable on this stretch where American culture meets those of the rest of the world. Starbucks, McDonalds, Wendy’s, Subway…sure, they’re all there. They’re scattered in between the Greek, Mexican, Chinese, and Indian restaurants. You’ll also have your Victoria’s Secret, Gap, and Express…located conveniently between Brazilian and misc. European boutiques.

Too many people underestimate Astoria-particularly this large street. Don’t be one of those people! Take advantage of the oversaturated culture and unbeatable prices-hurry before it becomes too hip!

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4 thoughts on “Steinway Street-Astoria, Queens

  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Steinway Street! You’re so right about how people underestimate Astoria! My favorite thing is probably the street meat, though….even though I’m kind of embarrassed to admit it…

  2. On the corner of 28th Ave and Steinway is my favorite food vendor stand, run by a Moroccan guy named Ali. They’re open every day when the weather is nice, and very late on the weekends. I suggest the chicken over rice, get it spicy if you dare.

  3. Go to Astoria it is great, we didn’t get to Steinway Street but we did walk the neighbourhood and Astoria park. Astoria park offers fantastic views of Manhatten. It is perfectly safe and make you feel a little less like a tourist.

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