It’s…It’s…LIVE WIRE! – Portland, OR,

Portland is known for harboring all that is ecclectic, authentic, sustainable and unintentionally hip.  Bumperstickers move throughout the city advocating to its citizens “Keep Portland Weird”.  That sentiment irrefutably reflects the local culture – a creative, funky, intellectual, green, and all things wondrous small city (that actually prefers to be called a town).  Stacked with all kinds of genuis, the citizens of Portland keep it plenty weird and unique.  One of my evergreen discoveries is LIVE WIRE!, a one-hour radio show recorded in front of a live audience at Portland’s historic Aladdin Theater, later broadcasted on Oregon’s public radio station (OPB).  The programs feature indie music, engaging and often off-beat interviews, comedy skits in the likes of Saturday Night Live, and performances by local and out-of-town artists – a kind of Vaudeville gem in Portland’s crown of off-beat and brilliant staged performances.  Occurring once a month (more or less), LIVE WIRE! is so uniquely Oregon – when in town it should not be missed!  Where else can you sip on a seasonal, local microbrew, write themed haiku, and follow cards instructing you to clap or yell while sitting in a funky old theater with live entertainment, where you experience something visually and in the moment that will later be replicated audibly only on the local public radio station?  It’s wild, it’s fun…it’s…it’s…LIVE WIRE!

(photo from: Leah Jorgensen


3 thoughts on “It’s…It’s…LIVE WIRE! – Portland, OR,

  1. I have always wanted to travel to Oregon and having now read this piece on it I know there’s even more reason to go. I’ll be certain to seek out the Alladin Theater. Thanks!

  2. This is written so beautifully. Portland has always been one of my favorite cities. I’ll definitely make sure to check this out my next time through!

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