Lake Washington, anyone?

It’s no mystery to most that the Northwest United States is one of the most beautiful places-period. It can actually be rather overwhelming to visit the area. There are so many great ways to experience the landscape and culture, however, Lake Washington is a must. You might just be going for a swim, or maybe you’ll be sailing (like I did), but either way, this is a must. Lake Washington is, hands down, one of the most gorgeous places in the USA. The lush, green hills cushion in this lake so that, despite the fact that there is a major city to your west, you still feel enveloped by the quiet-and, of course, the beauty. And hey, if you’re into collecting cool rocks- I filled a jar with them the day I sailed Lake Washington. Everything about this place is magnificent and you’re severely missing out if you visit the Seattle area without making time for this lake.


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