One of the main things I have noticed about Fontana’s over the last year and a half or so is this:  the owner/manager always watches the bands.  Having been a part of the live show scene in NYC for years now…this is telling.  Fontana’s actually does take pride in having good, or at least interesting, live music.  And they make a point to make their shows under $10.  The drinks aren’t really any cheaper than you’ll find anywhere else in NYC; but the atmosphere definitely is.  Located on line between Chinatown and The Lower East Side, the ‘downtown’ vibe surely flourishes in this place-but without all of the pretentious mumbo jumbo.  The art on the walls is breath taking.  The place itself, architecture wise, is breath taking, as well.  A giant chandelier decorates the lower level of the main floor and behind it hangs a huge projection screen which constantly displays artistic images for the wandering eye.  Equipped with a pool table, three separate bars, and amazing music-Fontana’s has really hit every bird there is to hit with one single stone.  They throw amazing parties, provide big, cushioned VIP-type booths on the upper level of the main floor, and…get this…(drum roll)….THE PEOPLE ON STAFF ARE FRIENDLY!  If you’re looking for a low key, yet AWESOME place to get crunk in NYC-go here.  And yes, I said ‘get crunk’.


One thought on “Fontana’s-NYC

  1. Thank you! I am SOOOOO sick of the stupid attitude problems I encounter at most places in the east village/lower east side. I went down to Fontana’s after reading this and you were right about everything. What a sweet place!

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