Mobile, Alabama

My grandparents lived in Alabama growing up. We road-tripped there often and so naturally, by the time I was 15, I had decided that Alabama was, in fact, a 3rd world country-and not a state at all. It only figures that my pretentious mouth would kick me in the ass years later when I stopped into Mobile, Alabama for an impromptu show when another one canceled last minute. I had no clue how freakin’ rock ‘n’ roll this town can be. But you have to be in the right places. There are pretty much TWO right places..but between the two of them, you’ll be partying up a storm for a night and loving Alabama way more than you ever would think you would.

I recommend that you start your night off at the Picklefish. This pizza joint-turned-punk-rock-venue at night is freakin’ awesome. It’s not at all out of the ordinary to order a bloody mary at noon here. In fact, get it along side some PBR, bacon pizza, and fried pickles. You’ll be sooo stoked to be in the south; trust me.

Try to finish up your night at the cellblock. I only say TRY because…well…the cell block doesn’t *technically* close. Sure, sure, they “close” at 2. But that’s a lie. Everyone just moves upstairs to the lounge after 2 and you’ll likely be partying til dawn up there. BEFORE 2, you’ll find yourself entertained by the music, most likely. The cell block tends to be picky with the bands the book; so soak it in, boys and girls. It’s goddamn awesome.*I believe that cell block may be changing location. Keep up to date with the link above. I’m sure they’ll bring a good southern party to whatever venue they take over.


One thought on “Mobile, Alabama

  1. I love that place..every Saturday night I would go there with some friends and enjoy a pizza after a long night of drinking. Its sad that its closed down for now.

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