Highway 101

One of the single most gorgeous experiences I have had in America was driving down Highway 101 during the summer. My adventure down the highway began almost as a fluke. I had never heard of how beautiful this drive was from anyone before. Instead, I just SAW a road on the map that went down from Washington to California along the coast and I thought, ‘what the hell, why not?’. This drive is exhilarating. Anyone even remotely interested in doing something breath taking for a few days needs to do this. Drive slowly through northern Oregon. Give yourself time to pull over at viewing spots and take pictures. And pick flowers like I did.

Stop in Brookings, Oregon to camp out for a night. There is a camp ground practically ON THE BEACH there. It is surreal.

Just bring blankets because it gets colder on the water at night than you might suspect. When you enter California; stop to see the Redwoods. Avenue of The Giants is where you want to be. Soak it in!

(photos from: delsjourney.com, webshots.com)

3 thoughts on “Highway 101

  1. I love the Oregon coastline. I’ve been up and down the coast so many times, and it never gets boring. Hiking in the Redwoods is amazing as well! One word of caution: be careful at night for skunks. They’re cute, and may look like a cat, but don’t get too close. In fact…run like hell!

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